Annual Ornaments

Each year since 2001, Inge-Glas of Germany has created a special ornament limited in production to the year in which it was introduced, and following a special theme each six-year cycle. 2001-2006 gave us the "Ringing in the New Year" Bell series, then for 2007-2012, we enjoyed the "Annual Reflector" series, and for 2013-2018 we will look forward to each new "Frost" ornament, an icicle theme featuring Swarovski crystals and packaged in the exclusive Inge-Glas of Germany premium box.
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Guardian of Christmas, 2022 Annual Ornament
#10001S022, 5 3/8" Tall Individually wrapped in acid-free tissue in the Inge-Glas Premium Gift Box at no extra charge. Guardian of Christmas,...


Frosty Bear, 2018 Annual Ornament
#10001S018, 5 3/4" Tall


Christmas At Heart
#10001S021, 5 1/4" Tall Individually wrapped in acid-free tissue in the exclusive Inge-Glas gift box at no extra charge. Christmas At Heart was...


Annual Icicle Series - Tannenbaum Frost 2015
1-001-15, 5 1/2" Tall With Swarovski Element  From the 2015 Annual Ornament Collection Inge Glas Christmas Tree Icicle with Swarovski...


Santa Frost 2013
#1-001-13, 5 1/2" Tall Inge-Glas Icicle Santa Frost holding a Star with Swarovski Gem, 2013 Annual Ornament Gift Box Glittering...


Kind Reflection 2011
#1-001-11, 4 1/2" Tall Inge-Glas Swarovski Reflector Kind Reflection Snowbaby, Snow Kinder holding Gingerbread Heart, 2011 Annual Ornament ...

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 Products)

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