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Delicate Feelings, 2019 Annual Ornament

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#10001S019,  Inge-glas of Germany presents it's 2019 Annual Ornament "Delicate Feelings"
5" Tall

Glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS intensify and magnify the incomparable beauty of Delicate Feelings, a gorgeous angel in a flowing robe, with golden hair and rosy cheeks. She holds a delicate heart of sparkling Swarovski crystal in her hands, which reminds us of the reason for which we are celebrating Christmas, the festival of love. Her happy face and gentle eyes bring warmth into the cold season. Light as a feather, with glittering wings, Delicate Feelings makes the tree perfect for holy Christmas.

Individually wrapped in acid-free tissue in the Inge-Glas Premium Gift Box at no extra charge.

Delicate Feelings was introduced in 2019 by Inge-Glas of Germany as part of the Annual Ornament Collection Collection and features the exclusive 5-Point Star Crown.

This unique glass Christmas ornament has been lovingly handcrafted by the talented Inge-Glas artisans in Neustadt near Coburg in Northern Bavaria using centuries-old glassblowing techniques. Delicate Feelings was mouth-blown with clear crystal glass, coated inside with a layer of fine sterling silver, and hand painted using only the finest lead-free paints, glitters, and decorative materials.

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